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OCR Small Group

Obstacle Race RacingObstacle Course Race Training

The OCR program helps to prepare people for Mud Runs, Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, and more. Its the perfect program for someone looking to change up their workout routine and try something new. It’s functional fitness at its finest!

What can you expect

You’ll perform exercises built around common tasks in obstacle course races and be coached by instructors that have “been there and done that”. Your body will be sculpted utilizing nontraditional weightlifting implements like sandbags, tires, sledgehammers, ropes, and more. You’ll build anaerobic endurance through short sprints and calisthenics. The best part is you’ll be done with your workout in only 30 minutes.


Obstacle Course Race Training will provide you with a variety of benefits including cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility. Through this training with our licensed trainers you will move dynamically through a series of challenges that keep your body and mind engaged. With this alternative form of exercise programming we can provide you with the physicality, comprehension, and confidence you need to compete at various obstacle course race events. This is an inclusive class that meets you at the fitness level you are at and includes a structured training program to progress through different levels to achieve your goal.

Times OfferedWoman climbing a net during obstacle course

Fall hours coming soon!

FREE trail week will be August 3rd-7th, contact Fitness Supervisor – Andrew Horn for details at 865-531-5116


We ask members to meet on the fitness floor due to the changing location of the OCR program. We always strive to have the class outside on our obstacle course training greenway, but sometimes due to weather we bring the training inside.

For more details contact our Fitness Supervisor at 865-531-5116.