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Small Group Training

Small Group Training sessions at Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center are led by our nationally certified personal trainers and allow participants to maximize their workout sessions in a fun and challenging atmosphere. Participants will use a variety of equipment including the Space Station, TRX Suspension equipment, battling ropes, kettle bells, BOSU ballsĀ  and more.

From the most knowledgeable exercise expert to a fitness novice, everyone can reap the benefits of personal training.

Small Groups

What We Offer

Half-Hours Sessions
Training Packages

Where We Meet

Personal Training Studio
Fitness Floor Space Station

How to Reserve a Session

Visit the Fitness Desk
Contact our Personal Training Supervisor at (865) 531-5070

Girl using TRX Straps during Small Group Personal Training

For questions regarding small group training, please contact our Personal Training Supervisor at (865) 531-5070.