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Youth Strength Training

Youth working outOverview

Designed for youth ages 10 – 14, this program focuses on fun, age-appropriate exercises using tools and equipment like kettle bells, battling ropes, ladders, various machines, and free weights. Therefore, whether you are training for a sport specific goal or simply want to get a jump start early on life by living a healthy lifestyle, we have the staff and resources to help get you there. 

Session Dates & Times

Contact our Fitness and Training Supervisor at (865) 531-5070 to set up your first session.

Participation Options

  • Private- 45 minutes
  • Semi-Private – 45 minutes
  • Small group (3+) – 45 minutes

This program is available to FSHFC members.

For more information, contact our Fitness and Training Supervisor at (865) 531-5070.