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Functional Threshold Wattrate/Power Testing Schedule

Posted on August 11, 2016

New! Indoor Cycling Functional Threshold Wattrate/Power (FTW) Testing and August Class Schedule:

We have added FTW Testing classes to our group fitness schedule so our members can get the most of out their indoor cycling classes on our new Matrix Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycles with Coach by Color® consoles that display both WattRate® and heart rate with five colored zones to help users hit training targets. FTW Ramp Test Schedule for August 2016


What is FTW  (Functional Threshold Wattrate/Power) : It is generally agreed the FTW is the maximal power output that can be sustained for the duration of one hour, the classic time trial.  FTW is the best single marker for fitness in cycling.

FTW Ramp Test : Participants will be lead through a series of 4 minute stages, 1st Stage  begins  at 75 Watts and increases 25 Watts every 4 minutes.  Participants will be coached to ride at an RPM of 85-90 the entire time and to increase their resistance level at each stage to maintain a green console.  Participants will be coached to check out when they are unable to consistently stay in the green target zone or physically feeling a Rate of Peceived Exertion of 8-9.  This will give you your FTW number, which you can then enter each time you attend a cycling workout so that you may better track your power performance in addition to Heart Rate.

FTW Ramp Test is not a max test, it is to volitional fatigue (optimum performance across a range of rides, impacted on through resistance and duration, without literally running out of puff or reaching physical fatigue).

To attend a Ramp Test you would simply obtain a bike tag from the Front Desk just as you would for a regular SPIN class.  Please arrive early for set up.