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Virtual Group Fitness With Fitness On-Demand

Posted on October 15, 2020

Virtual Group Fitness is Here!

Virtual Fitness

It’s time to unlock the ultimate virtual fitness tool! With Fort Sanders FLEX, members will be able to take their favorite classes with them wherever they go. You could be at home or on vacation and your favorite Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center classes with be available at the touch of a finger. Through the partnership Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center members will have immediate access to popular and new content from the world’s leading fitness experts and globally recognized brands. These include Jillian Michaels, SH1FT, Zumba, Daily Burn, Plyoga and more. Content covers everything from high intensity workouts to functional fitness for strength and mobility to wind down, stretching and relaxation after a long day or an in-club workout.

How Do I Upgrade Fort Sanders FLEX?

Simply email requesting an upgrade form and put “Fort Sanders FLEX” in the subject line of your email. In response to your request, we will send you an upgrade form to complete and return. Once the upgrade process is complete, we will send you a link to download the Fort Sanders FLEX app; giving you access to classes anywhere, anytime. If you wish to upgrade in person just stop by Membership or the Business Office.

How Much Does it cost?virtual fitness

Members will have three options for participating in our new Virtual Fitness program  

  • All in studio Virtual Fitness classes will be provided at no additional cost. We will publish a Virtual Fitness schedule each month for you to view.
  • We will allow open times in our schedule for members to select from the 400+ Virtual Group Fitness Classes. Simply locate the kiosk that is in each studio and select which class you would prefer. This is available at no added cost.   
  • Fort Sanders FLEX will be available for members to upgrade to their membership. For a limited time, we will allow members to upgrade and receive a special promotional price of $10 a month. All members that upgrade during this promotional period will have their rates locked in for the 2021 year. Starting on January 1st, 2021 the upgrade cost will increase to $15 a month.

 What You Can Expect Virtual Fitness

  • FREE virtual classes will be available in all three studios and will be shown during the times a live class is not going on. 
  • Along with our live Group Fitness schedule we will now offer a virtual schedule for the members who are unable to attend a live class. Recommendations for virtual classes can be made by members.
  • Members will have the ability to upgrade Fort Sanders FLEX to their membership; giving them the capability of watching their favorite classes anywhere. 
  • The Fort Sanders FLEX program will have 450+ Virtual Group Fitness classes; with more coming in 2021. 

The Benefits

  • The ability to try new classes without the pressure of a group setting.
  • Complete flexibility with your busy life schedule and your workout schedule.  

To learn more please contact us at (865) 531-5063