Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center provides age-appropriate, fitness and sports activities for our youth members.

Swim Team

Offering both STORM Swim Team and Competitive, we look to develop positive relationships between teammates, coaches, friends, and family. Both options have a balanced approach between competition, fitness and fun.  Self-discipline and self-motivation will be emphasized to encourage each child to achieve their goals in swimming as well as in other aspects of their lives.

Youth Strength Training

Designed for ages 10 – 14, this program focuses on fun, age-appropriate exercises using tools and equipment like kettle bells, battle ropes, ladders, free weights and various machines.

Youth Personal Training Consultation

Whether you are just beginning to learn how to safely exercise or need guidance with specific training goals, our Personal Training Consultation is the perfect choice for children ages 12 – 15.

Junior Tennis

Options range from a 3-4 year old who would enjoy learning a lifetime sport, a grade schooler that is looking to try an expanding sport, a seasoned junior tournament player looking to improve their rating,  or a junior of any age that just wants to improve their overall game and have fun.

For more information, please contact (865) 531-5000