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Youth Personal Training Consultation

Who it’s for

Whether you are just beginning to learn how to safely exercise or need guidance with specific training goals, our Youth Personal Training Consultation is the perfect choice for children ages 12 – 15. The Fitness Department is excited to get you started on your fitness journey.

How it works

Step 1:   Schedule a Fitness Assessment to find your base resting and performance measures.  To schedule, call the Fit Test Office at (865) 531-5021 or ask any of our Fitness Floor Staff.

Step 2 Our Personal Training Supervisor will contact you to match you with your Personal Trainer

Step 3:  You will meet with your trainer for 3 different sessions, as described below:

  • Consultation-Session (1) 45 minutes to discuss assessment results, barriers/limitations, and to develop your fitness goals
  • Training Sessions– (2) Youth Small Group Training Sessions

Youth Personal Training Consultation - teenage boy and girl using hand weights at gym


For more information, please contact our Personal Training Supervisor at (865) 531-5070.