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BodyWORKS: Knoxville Community Based Group Fitness Classes

Posted on January 25, 2022

BodyWORKS Knoxville Community Based Group Fitness Classes

If you have not tried one of our community group fitness classes, you are missing out on one of the best options available in the Knoxville area! Our group exercise classes are designed by our certified instructors who go through intensive training. Classes are offered not only in Knoxville, but surrounding areas!

Community Group Fitness Class Prices: $5/person. 

To help guide you through our group fitness class menu, we have arranged classes by the fitness aspect that the class targets. You may attend multiple classes and multiple locations – we have locations at senior centers, churches, etc.! Convenience and flexibility are also two more advantages of Covenant Health’s BodyWORKS community group fitness classes!

Cardio-Focused Group Fitness Classes:

Cardio/Strength/Stretch: Cardio/Strength/Stretch is a combination Cardio (aerobic), Strength Training, and relaxing stretches for a complete workout, but easy on the joints. We don’t jump or run, but we are tough on fighting the bulge!

We incorporate many styles of cardio to keep the workouts fresh and fun! We may do a little kickboxing, a little dancing, etc… What we DON’T do is the same ol’ workout with the same ol’ music week after week. Participants should bring a mat, wear comfortable clothing, and appropriate shoes.

Muscular-Focused Group Fitness Classes:

Tone & Balance: Tone & Balance is designed to improve your balance, increase strength in all major muscle groups and enhance your range of motion, all of which will assist you in performance of your daily activities such as lifting, bending, sitting, etc.

Mind, Body, & Spirit-Focused Group Fitness Classes:

Gentle Yoga: Yoga performed at a slower pace, with less intenses positions, and usually includes extended time for mediatation, yogic breath work and relaxtion.

Yoga: Yoga is a class for everyone from the most basic beginner to the most advanced athlete.  It is a wonderful way to improve your current physical condition as well as your mental well-being.  Yoga will help you develop strength and an improved sense of balance and flexibility.

Find the schedules for all of our partnered facilities below!

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