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Swim Lessons


Both private, semi-private, and group swim lessons are available for members. This format of swim instruction ensures an individualized quality lesson, as well as an effective and convenient method of scheduling directly with the instructor. Lessons are usually 30 minutes in length, although 60-minute lessons are available. Our water safety instructors are all trained, experienced, and able to work around your busy schedules.

Private Swim Lessons

30 minutes
60 minutes

Semi-Private Swim Lessons

These are available for up to three students with similar swimming abilities. Due to scheduling issues, we do not pair members up for semi-private lessons.

30 minutes
60 minutes

*Discount packages available for private/semi-private lessons.

Download a swim lesson request form
Download a swim lesson agreement form

Members can return forms to the front desk or email them to

We are excited about our latest programming for our littlest swimmers!  Our Water Academy is a group format for parents and tots for children ages 6 months – 3 years (Baby and Little Dippers). This will be a six-week program meeting once per week. 

Cost: $120 

Water Academy Classes/Ages:

  • Baby Dippers:  6 Months-18 Months

    • Baby Dippers First Spring Session:
      • Registration:  By May 22nd
      • Day: Thursdays
      • Time: 9:00am
      • Dates: May 23rd – June 27th
    • Baby Dippers Second Spring Session:
      • Registration:  TBD
      • Day: Thursdays
      • Time: 9:00am
      • Dates: TBD


  • Little Dippers: 18 Months -3 Years
    • Little Dippers First Spring Session:
      • Registration:  March 18th – April 9th
      • Day: Thursdays
      • Time: 9:30am
      • Dates: April 11th, 2024 – May 16th, 2024

        • Little Dippers Second Spring Session:
          • Registration:  TBD
          • Day: Thursdays
          • Time: 9:30am
          • Dates: TBD

Class Descriptions:

Baby and Little Dippers:

These water introduction classes use cues, songs, and games along with parent example to successfully accomplish water exploration.

  • Parents are taught to safely work with their child in the water, including:
    • How to appropriately support their child in the water
    • How to encourage their child to fully participate
    • Children are introduced to basic water skills that lay a foundation to help them learn to swim including:
    • Front and back glide, kicking, swimming arms.
    • Underwater exploration with blowing bubbles, breath control, and gradual progression of submersion.


Swim Academy Classes/Ages:

Mini and Big Dolphins:

No swim skills necessary! This will be a small group format with an experienced instructor. Our goal is to build confidence in the water while introducing basic safety skills. Assistance from the instructor as well as flotation aids will be used during class time.

  • Build confidence in the water independent from parent.
  • Water submersion
  • Forward movement with kicking and proper body position
  • Breath control
  • Safety skills and water exit

Mini Dolphins: 3 Years – 5 Years 

  • Mini Dolphins Summer Session: June 18th – July 30th (No class the week of July 4th)
    • Registration:  Now!
    • Day: Every Tuesday
    • Time: 2:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
    • Price: $120

Big Dolphins: 5 Years-7 Years

  • Big Dolphins Summer Session: June 18th – July 30th (No class the week of July 4th)
    • Registration:  Now!
    • Day: Every Tuesday
    • Time: 2:30 p.m. – 3:00p.m.
    • Price: $120

Storm Practice TeamSwim Competition

Storm Practice Team is a program that focuses on conditioning, stroke technique, and competitive skills. It is perfect for young swimmers 5-18 years of age who wish to refine their skills, as well as improve strength and endurance to stay fit during the off-season.

Levels and Requirements:

Children need to be able to swim unaided by flotation devices.  They must also be able to swim the length of the pool without stopping. Swimmers will be placed in levels according to ability. 

Bronze: Swim the length of the pool in both freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers will also work on breaststroke and butterfly.

Silver: Legal in all four strokes.

Gold: 13yrs and up; Complete 2500-meter meter workouts.

*Participants must be members. Please complete registration at the front desk. *

2024 Storm Practice Team Schedule: 


Session 1: June 4th – August 3rd

Session 2: August 13th – October 5th

Session 3: October 15th – December 21st

Registration Starts:

Session 1: May 6th, 2024

Session 2: July 15th, 2024

Session 3: September 16th, 2024

Practices: Tuesday & Thursday

  • Bronze Level – 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM 
  • Silver Level – 5:15 PM – 6 PM 
  • Gold Level – 6PM – 7PM

Workshops: Saturday’s

Bronze Level: 10am-10:30am

Silver Level: 10:30am-11:15am

Gold Level: 11:15am-12pm


  • Bronze: $220
  • Silver: $240
  • Gold: $260

**Pricing includes non-refundable Registration fee of $50**

Swim Fit

Swim Fit is an adult swim program. It is not a learn-to-swim class, but an opportunity for experienced swimmers to have a coach push them to be better, stronger, faster swimmers.

2024 Swim Fit class dates coming soon! 

  • Stroke and Turn: This class will train on all four competitive strokes. Swimmers will work on improving technique and performance while pushing themselves through a solid hour of training.
  • Freestyle Endurance Training: This class will focus on longer distance swims, breath performance, and open water techniques. It will include drills on both endurance and speed for a great freestyle workout.
  • Mixed Drills: A combination of various drills to improve skill and enhance your personal workouts.

*We are not currently offering Swim Fit at this time*

For more information regarding Aquatics Programs, please contact our Aquatics Manager at (865) 531-5082.