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Junior Tennis Programs

Who is it for?

Whether you have a 3-4 year old who would enjoy learning a lifetime sport, a grade schooler that is looking to try an expanding sport, a seasoned junior tournament player looking to improve their rating,  or a junior of any age that just wants to improve their overall game and have fun; we have something for you. 


2021 Junior Tennis Clinics

We offer instructional clinics for kids ages 5-17, beginner to advanced.

  • Red Ball ages 5-6 & 7-8 yr olds Focus on fun!  Learn the cornerstones of technique and rallying:  coordination, movement, throwing and catching.  Basic strokes, court position, and rules of play are taught in a manner that allows kids to feel as if they are really playing the game, not just learning the strokes!
  • Red Advanced ages 5-8 yr olds, Pro-Invitation  Invitation based on ability to sustain rallies, get serves in correctly and play points.  Emphasis on advanced age-appropriate techniques, longer rallies, and court position. 
  • Orange Ball 9-11 yr olds Emphasis on learning and enjoying the game on a 60′ court.  Movement and coordination are refined while students gain a proper technical foundation, learn to sustain rallies and play using proper rules and scoring.
  • Orange Advanced 9-10 yr olds, Pro-Invitation Invitation based on ability to rally with good technique, match play experience and commitment to further the overall game.  Advanced age-appropriate technique, sustaining longer rallies and basic strategies.
  • Green/Yellow Ball 11 yr olds & Up New to the game?  Learn basic strokes, footwork, ball tracking, general court positioning and scoring.
  • Yellow Advanced 11 yr olds & Up, Pro-Invitation Invitation based on consistent, court-wide rallying ability, and strong history of match play.  Take technique, footwork and strategy as far as your commitment takes them!


Private, Semi-Private and Small Group lessons are available with any of our USPTA/USPTR certified tennis professionals.

Serve, Rally, Score! Junior Tennis Camps

Summer and Holiday Tennis Camps are perfect for kids of any age who want to have some on-court fun! Contact our Tennis Office at 531-5050 for more details.

Tennis Explorers

Tennis Explorers is a preschool tennis program designed to inspire children ages 3 and 4 through play imagination. Using a careful blend of developmentally sound physical activities, tennis skills and storytelling in on on-court environment, kids and parents get to play together and have fun.

Tennis Performance Academy

FSHFC Tennis Performance Academy classes are designed specifically for junior players ages 6 – 18 who either have prior tournament experience and/or wish to pursue tournament play.

Team Tennis League

Supervised match play for players with previous summer or school team tennis experience or who play FSHFC Junior Summer Team Tennis.   Open for players already in or suitable to play in Red, Orange, Green, or Yellow Ball clinics (needs pro approval).


For more information, please contact our Tennis Office at (865) 531-5050.