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Premium Assessment

At FSHFC, we care about the health and safety of our members. Bringing Injury risk and proper muscle balance to the front of our members’ minds is important to us. This is why we are proud to offer the Premium Assessment. Our Exercise Physiologists perform a series of screenings to analyze posture, movement and muscle activity. Lastly, they develop a customized plan to decrease your risk of injury while exercising.

Our Premium Assessments are for all ages and can be modified to any limitations. Our expert Exercise Physiology staff will guide you through the assessment process, which includes the following:

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile

Examines lifestyle behaviors that can affect an individuals health and longevity. The questionnaire focuses on areas of exercise, nutrition, alcohol drinking, safety, tobacco use and stress. The Wellness Profile analyzes your current health behaviors, prints an easy to read graphical summary of current wellness, and provides recommendations to reduce the risk of future disease or disability.

Functional Movement Screen

Functional Movement Screening

Assesses injury risk correlation through technique and movement observation. Results are based on the ability to perform specific, health-related movements, functional mobility and balance used in daily activity. This assessment will have results centered around muscular weakness and/or balance that directly relate to the risk of injury when exercising.

Body Composition & Fitness Assessment

Body Composition

Determines body fat percentage, target heart rate zones, aerobic fitness levels and much more through standardized assessments and exercises. Our Exercise Physiologist will guide you towards specific goals through exercise programs.

Posture Analysis

Premium Fitness Assessment

With our picture/video assessment tool we can determine postural tendencies, imbalances and inconsistencies. You will receive same-day feedback and results from Exercise Physiologist along with detailed corrective and injury prevention programming. In this assessment users will see live evidence of postural position within popular exercise movements and identify posture abnormalities while sitting and/or standing.


For more information and pricing contact the Fit Staff at 865-531-5021.