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Premium Fitness Assessments

Posted on March 7, 2019

Premium Fitness Assessments are now available at FSHFC!

Good posture places you in alignment where stress is properly distributed to the intended muscles and ligaments. As a result, the muscles are allowed to work efficiently and as intended, which in turn decreases the wear and tear that your joints undergo. This decreases your risk of joint discomfort and degenerative arthritis. Stress placed on the ligaments holding your spine together is also decreased with good posture. When your muscles, joints and ligaments are working as intended, your vital organs are able to remain in proper position and the nervous system is able to function normally. Lastly, this assessment will allow you to put a plan together to make sure your body is functioning as best as it can.

The Premium Assessment is a detailed, standardized fitness evaluation that focuses on injury prevention, self-health and posture observation. Within the assessment are four key implications that will help make you more aware of your own body, as well as provided a progressive method for corrective and/or proactive exercise programming. The appointment is scheduled for 120 minutes, however, the duration of each appointment may vary due to limitations, feedback and specific needs. Once the assessment is complete you will have a thorough Wellness Profile, Body Composition Report, Functional Movement Screen Score, Posture Analysis results and feedback, with a Corrective Exercise Program.

To set up your assessment and ask about pricing contact our Fit Staff at 865-531-5021