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Personal Training

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

Are you reaching your full potential during your workouts? Do you set fitness goals for yourself, but feel overwhelmed on how to reach them or discouraged from lack of results? Perhaps you just need a change to your routine, a jump-start to your motivation? Personal Training is meant for all kinds of fitness levels; from just starting out to expert. Having Personal Training helps to increase accountability and make sure you’re staying on track and hitting your goals. Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center is leading the way in fitness and offers a wide variety of Personal Trainers with different certifications and specialties. This will ensure our staff is able to match you with the perfect person; leading to the best results. 

Personal Training Options

  • PT Consultation
  • Youth Personal Training
  • Private or Semi-Private Sessions
  • Small Group Training
  • Half or Full-Hour Sessions
  • Training Packages


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For more details please contact our Personal Training Supervisor at (865) 531-5116.