Are you reaching your full potential during your workouts? Do you set fitness goals for yourself, but feel overwhelmed on how to reach them or discourage from the lack of results? Perhaps you just need a change to your routine or a jump-start to your motivation. Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center Personal Trainers realizes that everyone is unique and has different fitness goals. From the most knowledgeable exercise experts to a fitness novice, everyone can reap the benefits of personal training. Reach your full potential during your workouts, achieve your fitness goals, or perhaps jump-start your motivation or routine through one on one or group sessions with our Personal Trainers.

Fitness Leaders

Andrew Horn

Position: Fitness Supervisor
Education: BS in Kinesiology

Kyle Hundley

Position: Fitness Coordinator
Education: BS in Education and/Major Recreation
Certifications: ACE (1997), Orthopedic Exercise Specialist (2017), and Senior Fitness Specialist (2019)
Specialty Areas: Weight loss, seniors, balance, orthopedic issues, and athletes.

Sean Hagstrom

Position: Wellness Supervisor
Education: BS in Exercise Science and pursuing MS in Sports Coaching
Certifications: USATF Level 1, USTFCCCA Strength & Conditioning coach, USTFCCCA Technical Track & Field, Marine Corps Veteran
Specialty Areas: Running- road racing/trail racing, 5K – Marathon; Sprinting 100m-400m; mid-distance 800-3200m; Relays, Obstacle Course Races, Strength, balance, and flexibility.

Personal Trainers

Sarah Chermely

Position: Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
Certifications: NASM (Personal Training), ACE (Group Fitness), and National Trainer and Presenter for Les Mills US
Specialty Areas: Fitness for moms, weight lifting for women, cardio and weight lifting for beginners, and small group training.

Pam Cunningham

Position: Personal Trainer, RENEW Coach, & Group Fitness Instructor
Certifications: ACE, Senior Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Exercise for the Aging Baby Boomer Specialist.
Specialty Areas: Senior functional fitness, aqua training, circuit and body weight training, and stretching and balance training.

Melinda Gammon

Position: Personal Trainer
Education: BS in Physical Education and Biology
Certifications: ACE and former collegiate volleyball and softball player
Specialty Areas: Tennis, pre/post joint replacement, and senior fitness.

Linda Graham

Position: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, RENEW Coach
Education: BS in Health Management
Certifications: ACSM, Les Mills, Barre, Pilates, and Aqua
Specialty Areas: Motivating and encouraging, toning, form correction, posture correction, bootcamp, and HIIT

Jane Holland

Position: Aquatics Manger and Personal Trainer
Education: Psychology Major
Certifications: ACE (Personal Training) and ACE (Group Fitness).
Specialty Areas:Training women trying to get fit or stay fit at any age – youth to seniors, Weight loss, post-surgical rehab, arthritis or orthopedic issues, Small group personal training, and functional training

Katie Logan

Position: Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
Education: BS in Fitness and MS in Exercise Science
Certification: ACE, ACSM, Spin, Les Mills, and AEA (water).
Specialty Areas: Special population (arthritis, join replacement, post rehab, and diabetes), general strength, weight loss, functional training, balance, and small group training.

Chris Ohearn

Position: Personal Trainer
Certifications: NASM, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach.
Specialty Areas: Functional fitness, corrective exercise, posture, mind body, wholistic, and goal setting.

Position: Personal Trainer
Education: Studied Kinesiology, In-House CPT
Specialty Areas: Athletic/Sport-specific training, body sculpting, weight loss, strength training.

Julia Quinley

Position: Personal Trainer & OCR Coach
Certification: NASM
Specialty Areas: Strength Training, Mobility, and HIIT

Position: Personal Trainer
Certification: NASM-CPT
Specialty Areas: Small group training, bodyweight strength training, circuit and interval training, flexibility 

Wendy Stafford

Position: Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
Certifications: ACE (Personal Training), ACE (Group Fitness), Stott Pilates Mat Plus, Yoga Fit, and Comprehensive Aquatic
Specialty Areas: Yoga, Pilates, small groups, limitations, and posture and alignment for functional movement

Eric Thomas

Position: Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
Education: BS in Recreational Therapy and a Minor in Psychology.
Certification: ACE
Specialty Areas: overall fitness, disabilities, and strength.

Angie Wilgus

Position: Personal Trainer
Education: MS and BS in Exercise Physiology
Certification: NSCA
Specialty Areas: Spinal cord injury, heart disease, diabetes, elderly, stroke, cancer, and other health concerns. 

To learn more about the Personal Trainers contact our Personal Trainer Supervisor at 865-531-5070.