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Weight Management Program

Weight ManagmentN.E.W. U.

Hitting Roadblocks on your weight loss or Fitness Journey? Let’s map a new route for a N.E.W. U!

Nutrition is 75-80% of the equation to reaching your fitness and/or weight loss goals. Meeting one-on-one once a month and focusing on nutritional behavior changes by making small tweaks in nutrition allows for better consistency, leading to permanent change over time. Completely changing your diet overnight leads to feeling overwhelmed and eventually abandoning your new eating habits; returning to your old ones. We come up with a plan that is easy to stick to, allowing you to make continual progress.

N.E.W. U Small Group Training consists of both conditioning and strength training in a 30 minute low impact circuit workout. The groups usually consist of 3-5 people. This allows the Personal Trainer to focus on each person, and coach proper exercise technique to maximize benefit, while minimizing injury risk. The benefit of strength training compared to steady state cardio is improved body composition (increased fat loss and muscle gain) which helps to speed up resting metabolic rate. In turn, this helps to burn more calories throughout the day and more easily reach a caloric deficit. N.E.W. U has 30 sessions throughout the week, so you can participate at different times of the day.

Included Monthly

  • (12) 30 – min small group training sessions per month
  • Weekly Weigh-ins
  • 60 minute initial wellness coaching session
    • 30 minute follow-up wellness coaching session
  • Monthly Body Fat Testing

For more details contact the N.E.W. U supervisor at 865-531-5083